Wooden Components


In wood we trust

We specialize in solid wood processing for furniture and for 45 years we have been producing both semi-finished and finished wooden components of every dimension, essence and finishing.

Passion and technique since 1976

ETHON - Wooden Components

YOU need,think
and WE build.

Made in Italy

In ETHON, Italian taste and perception blend with a deep technical knowledge of wood, a living material.

Advanced techniques

Our care for the smallest details guarantees the highest quality product.


We stand by our customers constantly, providing them with our technical know-how of timber.

Reliable since 1976

ETHON begun manufacturing in 1976. Ever since, ETHON stands outin the industry ofwooden components for its high-quality furniture.

We use FSC® certified materials

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Knowledge and mastery of the material at your service since 1976

Wood is a living material that, even after many years, retains its restless nature. Man has learned to harness its strength day by day to make the most of its extraordinary characteristics of flexibility and resistance.

Here at ETHON we live alongside wood. The irresistible fragrance of beech, ash and oak that we breathe every morning in our warehouses makes us feel an integral part of that world.

We at ETHON respect wood by buying planks of certified and sure origin. In turn, the wood meekly lets itself be worked and shaped by our expert hands.

An ETHON wooden product never holds unpleasantsurprises: it’s as smooth and sweet as a caress, but its heart is as solid as a rock.
And, after all, we are like that, too.

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