Our machines are always in top gear

Our routers have five aces up their sleeves

In our painting department, our carousels never rest

What do we do?

We make all solid timber processing starting from the base product: raw planks.

We meticulously select the raw material and we take care of its seasoning in our yard, following with kilning and stabilization in our warehouses.

We can supply both finished and pre-assembled products,tinted and lacquered as per sample and semi-finished components for subsequent assembling and finishing by the customer.
We can support the customer during the designing stage, as well as the prototyping and product engineering processes.

We care about the success of each of your projects

Assistance in designing

Our technical staff is ready to help our customers in the development of a new project or suggesting solutions for an optimum industrial-scale production.

Fair value for money can be the winning card on the market and it is made possible by these initial steps.


Most of the problems related to the designing and development of a product can be solved using an adequate 3D model. However, given the variables of a living material such as wood, a physical prototype can be the most effective solution.

ETHON can make every kind of prototype in a short time.

Production and processing

Here is the beating heart of our company.
We challenge our limits every day in order to improve the quality of our work and, most of all, the quality of our products.

3 and 5 axis routers, CNC machines, sanders, moulders, profiling machines are only a small part of the long list of equipment that allows us to meet every request.


In ETHON we guarantee the perfect finishing of the products with the help of a dyeing machine and two varnishing lines: the first is a traditional carousel, the second a UV machine.

The lacquers are water-based because we care about our Planet

Packing and dispatch

All the care in product realization continues in the final stages of packaging and shipping, with an accurate choice of packing materials.
There is never too much protection!